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What to Consider When Choosing Commercial Flooring in Croydon
From Specialist Flooring Contractors

Whether replacing the commercial flooring in your premises or installing flooring in a new property, there are a few different things to consider. On this page, the flooring contractors at FMI Contracts run through some of the main factors you need to think about when choosing between carpet, vinyl flooring and safety flooring. If you require further advice or would like more information about the different products we offer, our team, which includes carpet installers and safety flooring installers, is happy to talk with you.

FMI Contracts works across Croydon and all the surrounding areas, providing expert solutions for all kinds of commercial spaces. Whatever your requirements, we help you find the perfect option. This involves taking the following into account:


Most commercial properties experience a lot of foot traffic, so they need durable flooring that will withstand this and last a long time. For high traffic areas, such as foyers and corridors, opt for heavy duty products designed for busy commercial settings. There are many effective commercial flooring options available, including carpet tiles and vinyl flooring.

As safety flooring installers, we also offer hard-wearing safety floors with slip resistance that lasts for the lifetime of the product.


When it comes to flooring, looks aren’t everything, but they are important. Ugly floors don’t make the best impression and can make a space unpleasant to be in. Consequently, our flooring contractors advise you to consider how different flooring options will look in your Croydon space as well as the overall look and feel you want to achieve.

Our carpet installers supply and fit carpet in an array of colours and patterns, and we also offer vinyl and safety flooring in a diverse range of colours and designs, including stunning woodgrain effects.


At FMI Contracts we understand that you probably don’t have the time or resources to constantly look after your commercial flooring. As such, easy cleaning and maintenance is a priority. Vinyl flooring is ideal for this because you can easily sweep it and wipe it down. It is also scratch resistant and waterproof. 

In addition, our safety flooring installers in Croydon fit low maintenance solutions for all kinds of spaces, including hospitals, kitchens and other areas where hygiene is paramount. If you have your heart set on carpet, we recommend carpet tiles for maximum ease of maintenance.


When running a business, it is important to minimise expenses and ensure outgoings fall within budget. Therefore, you must consider how much you have to spend on new flooring and choose accordingly. Luckily, as customer focused flooring contractors and carpet installers, we have something to suit every budget in the Croydon area and can help you find the perfect solution.

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