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Choosing the Right Flooring for Each Space

Commercial properties vary considerably, meaning they need different types of flooring. Furthermore, areas within a property often have different commercial flooring requirements depending on their use. Whether you need flooring for a kitchen, office, shop, hallway, classroom or any other commercial space in Kingston, our flooring contractors ensure you receive the most suitable option. Having been working as carpet installers and safety flooring installers for many years, we know exactly what each space needs and can advise on different carpet and vinyl flooring products.

The following are examples of areas within commercial premises, along with suitable flooring solutions:

Foyers, Hallways, Stairs and Landings

The flooring you choose for your welcome area, stairs and landing will be one of the first things visitors to your Kingston property will see, so the right choice is important in creating a good first impression. Our experienced flooring contractors help strike a balance between form and function, so your commercial flooring looks fantastic but is also fit for purpose.

These areas are subject to heavy foot traffic, so consider either durable vinyl flooring or a hard-wearing carpet. Our safety flooring installers can also fit non-slip flooring in entrances and walkways to reduce the risk of falls.

Main Areas

The main areas of your property are where most work and activity take place. For example, this could be spaces filled with employees and workstations, shop floors or classrooms. FMI Contracts recommends practical, durable carpet or vinyl for these areas especially if your Kingston business is fairly expansive.

As carpet installers, we offer resilient carpet tile with is ideal for busy areas, as well as vinyl commercial flooring. For less busy spaces, you could opt for a plusher broadloom carpet.

Kitchens and Canteens

Any area where there is a risk of spillages, or where it is important to maintain hygiene, should have easy to clean surfaces. This can include kitchens, break rooms, canteens, changing rooms and toilets. For these spaces, vinyl flooring is ideal because it is easy to wipe clean, waterproof and offers some slip resistance. Vinyl also does not aid bacterial growth.

Due to the increased risk of slips and injuries in areas where spillages are likely, our flooring contractors in Kingston recommend fitting safety flooring. Operating as safety flooring installers, FMI Contracts offers various non-slip solutions which reduce risks, are easy to clean and offer excellent durability.

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